Portrait of Amy

Amelie Protscher
Musical Generalist

Photo: Christian Appl 2004
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Amy Protscher:
Songbook – When Language Was Innocent

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A 32-page songbook containing all 13 original songs from »When Language Was Innocent«, complete with melody, lyrics, and guitar chords, with a foreword by Andrea Protscher.

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Ein 32-seitiges Songbook mit allen 13 Originalsongs der CD »When Language Was Innocent«. Vollständige Notation mit Melodie, Text und Gitarrenakkorden und einem Vorwort von Andrea Protscher.


1.Jeremiah's Song (Psalm 137)
3.It's Our Time
4.Legacy Of Shame
5.When Language Was Innocent
7.Jet Black Cadillac
8.Stotesbury Mines
10.We Shall Stand Before The Throne Of Our Lord
11.Ain't Seen A Dime At All
12.When Your Train Comes Through

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